Liu qiangdong resigns as senior executive of three trading companies in Jingdong

 凤凰彩官方网站     |      2020-08-05 20:47

Tianyan checked the data performance. Recently, Liu qiangdong resigned from the senior management positions of three trading companies under Jingdong, including the manager of Chengdu Jingdong Nanyuan Trading Co., Ltd., the general manager of Kunshan Jingdong Shangxin Trading Co., Ltd., and the general manager of tongpang Jingdong Kesheng Trading Co., Ltd. In addition, in the official website of Phoenix color, not only Liu Qiang, but also Zhang Kai, the official website of Phoenix color, who resigned from the positions of the above three companies, has resigned as the legal representative of the above three companies. According to Tianyan data, since June, Liu qiangdong has retired from senior management positions in many companies.

What is worth picking is that Liu qiangdong withdrew from the list of investors after the industrial and commercial changes of Shenzhen staged smile Network Technology Co., Ltd.